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The Eatontown Community is fortunate to host many visitors. Whether coming for the relaxation of the Jersey Shore area, or simply coming to visit with friends, and family, we are here to make your stay more pleasant. The following is some useful information regarding the local Jewish community. Places to eat, accommodations, Mikvaot, etc.

Local Kosher Restaurants

 The following is a list of local Kosher Restaurants that are certified by the JSOR, the local Kashrut Organization. The JSOR website is

Disclaimer: Please Note, all of the below information is taken directly from the JSOR website, we encourage our visitors to take precaution and contact JSOR directly for any questions or concerns. Eatontown Torah Center does not take responsibility for the reliability of these establishments.




M & A Kosher Meats: 198 Monmouth Rd, Oakhurst 531-2100

Kings Highway Glatt: 250 Norwood Ave, Ocean 660-1010

Sarah’s Tent: 100 Norwood Ave, Deal 531-5560

Shop Rite of Neptune: 220 Highway 66, Neptune. Kosher Experience Fish and Meat Department. 775-4250

Stop & Shop: West End Court, Long Branch. Kosher Meat and Deli 870-0250. Kosher Fish and Bakery 229-9411


Mrs. Grace Sitt: 337-7314

Nicole’s Kitchen: 323 Main St, Allenhurst 547-3097

Rivka’s Catering: (Sarah’s Tent) 100 Norwood Ave, Deal 531-5560



Avenue P Appetizers: 276 Norwood Ave. Deal 695-6226 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Chocolate Soda: 290 Norwood Ave, Ocean 531-5460

Diet Gourmet: 167 Lincoln Ave, Elberon 870-3287

Down to Earth: 312 Main St, Allenhurst 686-1344 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Hot Bagel Bakery: 67 Monmouth Rd, Oakhurst 870-6262

Jerusalem Pizza: 116 Norwood Ave, Deal 686-1655 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Sage: 1610 Route 35 South, Oakhurst 695-3122 (PRE-CHECKED VEGETABLES)

Sage Express: DSN Community Center,  244 Norwood Ave, Oakhurst 243-8599 Open to the public. DSN Membership not needed. CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Slices Pizza: 250 Norwood Ave, Ocean 531-6811



656 Ocean –An American Bistro, 656 Ocean Ave, Long Branch 728-9656 (L)

Balagan: 66 Monmouth Rd, Oakhurst (917) 559-3988

Butcher’s Steakhouse: 401 Main St, Allenhurst 686-1498

Crispy Grill: 214 Roosevelt Ave, Deal 695-3119

Dougie’s BBQ: 256 Norwood Ave, Ocean 517-0300

Mazza & More: 308 Main St, Allenhurst (844) 446-2992 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Sheng Mao Chinese & Japanese: 214 Roosevelt Ave, Oakhurst 531-7086

Stingers Bar & Grill: 656 Ocean Ave, Long Branch 728-9656 (L)

Tapas: 116 Norwood Ave, Deal 660-1700



Juice Theory: 87 Brighton Ave, Long Branch 455-5444



Asbury Waffle: 800 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park 479-4473

Becca’s Cookie Bar: 604 Second Ave, West End 443-4518

Broad Street Dough Company 2005 Rt. 35 North, Oakhurst, NJ 531-1401

Carvel: 175 Monmouth Rd corner Rt 36, W. Long Branch 870-3040

Coney Ice: Ices Pareve, D.E., and soft serve ice cream. 48 Centenial at Pier Village, Long Branch 556-6951

Coney Waffle: 24 Centennial Dr., Pier Village, Long Branch 556-6951

Frozen Peaks: 1.Monmouth Mall, 180 Rte. 35 - South Unit 206, Eatontown 578-9600 2.The Outlets at Bergen Town Center, Paramus (201) 968-5009

Igloo: 2005 Highway 35 South, Oakhurst, 531-5422

Ouri’s Ice Cream & Coffee Bar: 266 Norwood Ave, Deal, 517-0785

Rita’s Italian Ice: 1.342 Route 9 North, Manalapan 617-8088 2.76 Route 35 South, Eatontown 460-0075

Sweet Delight: 67 Monmouth Rd, Oakhurst 253-9100

The Lighthouse: ONLY AT THIS LOCATION IS KOSHER 69 Brighton Ave, Long Branch 229-12220

Degree Thai Ice Cream: 638 Ocean Ave, Long Branch 222-6262

7-11 (Coffees, Ice Coffees, and Slurpees) AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS ONLY

1. 187 Wall Street, West Long Branch, 263-1759

2. 47 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst, 571-5196

3. 544 Ocean Boulevard, Long Branch, 870-1133


Sarah’s Tent: Groceries and Take Out. 100 Norwood Ave, Deal 531-5560

Shalom Foods: Groceries & Takeout. 104 Norwood Ave, Deal 531-4838

Shop Rite of Neptune: 220 Highway 66, Neptune. Kosher Experience Fish and Meat Department. 775-4250

Stop & Shop: West End Court, Long Branch. Kosher Meat and Deli 870-0250. Kosher Fish and Bakery 229-9411

Freddy’s on Brighton: Groceries. 110B Brighton Ave, West End 483-6693


local mikvaot

Deal Men’s Mikveh: 177 Lincoln Avenue, Elberon (732) 571-2711Located across the street from the Elberon Train StationDeal

Ladies Mikveh: 201 Jerome Avenue, Ocean (732) 531-1712Located off Norwood Avenue

Sephardic Kollel Mikveh: 213 Lenox Avenue, ElberonOff Hoey Avenue (north), turn right at Lenox

West Long Branch Mikveh: 479 Monmouth Road, West Long Branch (732) 870-9318Located at Congregation Magen Avraham

Esther Jherin Gorcey Mikveh: 16 Whalepond Road, Eatontown (732) 222-1278 Located at the Eatontown Synagogue

Mikveh for Keilim: 177 Lincoln Avenue, ElberonLocated at the Men’s Mikvah - side door facing Railroad tracks


For Shabbat hospitality, closest walking distance of the Shul:

• Lodging:

Sheraton Eatontown Hotel: 6 Industrial Way E, Eatontown, NJ 07724 Phone: 732-542-6500

Homewood Suites by Hilton Eatontown: 4 Industrial Way E, Eatontown, NJ 732-380-9300

For a Shabbat meal with one of our families, please email or contact our Shabbat Hospitality Representative in front of the Bimah after Shabbat morning services.

Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781